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Helping Develop the Future of Healthcare

Learn about Nanbar Health's impact in current research efforts accross various areas of healthcare. 

Sickle Cell Disease

Led by Dr. Nirmish Shah, Nanbar is advancing sickle cell disease care through pain prediction.

One of Nanbar Health's earliest collaborators, Dr. Nirmish Shah at Duke University, has worked with Nanbar to develop a method of predicting sickle cell pain crisis - the most common complication in sickle cell disease, and leading cause of death in the population. 

Now Dr. Nirmish Shah and Nanbar Health are on a bigger mission, to start the largest national sickle cell disease study using biometric data - ever

Pediatric Oncology 

Alexander - MD.jpg

Alongside Dr. Lars Wagner and Dr. Thomas Alexander, Nanbar Health is helping better understand chemotherapy and its effect on young people and attempting to make treatment a bit easier. 

In a large multi-site study led by Oncologists Dr. Lars Wagner at Duke Health, Dr. Thomas Alexander at UNC Health, Nanbar Health developed custom calorie and exercise tracking tools within our platform. Children undergoing chemotherapy were given exercise and diet interventions in an attempt to improve the difficult nature of chemotherapy treatment. 

This project pushed the limits of what Nanbar can do, developing custom components that improve data collection for healthcare providers, and help little people with a terrible illness feel better. 


Through an innovative cross-speciality approach, Dr. Martha Kenney is aiming to better understand pain in those living with sickle cell disease. 

Dr. Martha Kenney at Duke Anesthesiology is using her expertise to better understand the underpinnings of pain, specifically for those living with sickle cell disease. Our team at Nanbar is helping her collect symptom and biometric data from her participants to figure out how all the pieces connect. 

Dr. Kenney and Nanbar Health are aiming to use advanced analytics and complex symptom networks to understand how the complex nature of disease all connects. 

Martha Kenney Duke.jpg


Dr. Eric Zhou and Nanbar Health agree - sleep is key to a healthy recovery. 

Illnesses across all domains of healthcare require that people find time to rest and recover. Sleep is one of those very important times. In a study led by Dr. Eric Zhou at Boston Children's and Harvard University, our team is working to understand how pediatric patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation are affected by their sleep quality.

Our goal is to build an understanding of all the specific ways that sleep affects the recovery process. Our findings could  improve recovery for young people undergoing bone marrow transplant and other illnesses. 


Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Henry Rice believes we can predict appendicitis before it happens - And we can improve the way we treat the disease - on a global scale. Good thing Nanbar thinks so too. 

Dr. Henry Rice is a seasoned pediatric surgeon at Duke University with an interest in global health, and improving health outcomes for children undergoing surgery. 

Now Dr. Henry Rice is interested in understanding how we can better treat and detect appendicitis in emergency situations, improving the care for young people everywhere. 

Dr. Rice and our team at Nanbar Health are working together to use our data analysis tools to fully understand the scope of the data his team has collected. 

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