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About Us

With expertise in various areas of healthcare, technology, and business, our goal is simple: combining these talents to create a multidisciplinary approach to the healthcare experience, with patients at the center.



Chief Innovation Officer 



Chief Technology Officer



Chief Executive Officer 

Shannon Ford (Ph.D., RN, CPNP-PC, CNE) is the Chief Scientific Officer & Director of INSIGHTS, a network analysis tool to be used in partnership with the Nanbar Health suite.

Ford has over two decades of experience in providing care, having worked in various areas of acute care, primary care, and public health.

Jhana Parikh (MS, DO Candidate), Research Director

Jhana has over 4 years of clinical research experience, including 3 as a Clinical Research Coordinator managing multiple PI-initiated, federally funded, and industry sponsored research protocols.


What's in a Name? 

Nanbar means "Friend" or "Partner" in Tamil, a language spoken in South India. Nanbar Health was named with the goal of being a friend to not only patients but healthcare systems as well. Nanbar Health's technologies are affordable, easily accessible, and built-in congruence with our users. 

Why a cactus?


Throughout our journey, the patients we have met have been resilient, continuously succeeding as they live life with their condition. We found the cactus to be a great representation of that: an organism that thrives in many situations and contributes to the ecosystem around it by providing water, food, shelter, and much more. 

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