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Clinical Decisions with

Data-Driven Insights


Our Mission

Help patients communicate with their healthcare team, and help their healthcare teams make clinical decisions. 

Meet the Family

The Nanbar Mobile App

The Nanbar Health Software Family offers data-driven support to health systems & providers when managing patients

Your patient's health experience in the palm of their hands


Earn up to $120/month per patient by billing for remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Heart Rate, Activity, Blood Pressure, O2 Saturation, and so much more

Streamline your
patient's journey

Whether preparing for surgery or working through the management of anxiety, Nanbar can help your system provide the most for your patient.


Patient Education


Badges and Rewards 


Data visualizations


Nudges and Reminders

Connecting with a variety of FDA-approved remote monitoring devices, the Nanbar mobile application acts as the connection between patients and provider.

Understanding Symptoms 

For those facing chronic illness, symptom burden is one of the largest concerns for a health system. How could long-term symptom monitoring help your patients?  


Learn more about mental health, providing your patients a judgement-free tool to report how they feel. 


From pregnancy to chemotherapy, understand your patient's symptom experience with a symptom reporting journal that adjusts to the patient's needs. 

The Nanbar Health Nerve Center

Centralizing all of Nanbar Health's collected data in one area for you. Register patients, manage your data, and view user analytics all in one place. 

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We know how overwhelming all this data can be. 

We want to fix that.

Machine Learning Made Simple

How could INSIGHTS change your treatment plans? 

Read about our work in various patient populations below:

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